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  1. I think BobCathy is right. Elite trader needs more input ffrom the female perspective. Therefore I have decided to start posting my daily diary/trading journal.

    Thursday: 8:30 -Wake up early to watch Ricky Martin on "Live with Regis and Kelly"

    Kelly is wearing totally fab gold Steven Dweck choker. *note to self, Silver is so OUT!

    9:00- Buy one Comex Gold contract

    11:30 Anxiously awaiting arrival of postman. December issues of Instyle and Vouge finally arrive. stilettos are all the rage at the Paris Fashion Week. Gweneth, J LO and Brittany are all wearing those great Gucci 4'' creations by Tom Ford. Wow those things look like they hurt.

    12:00 Buy a 100 shares of PBI Palmer Biotech, a company that has developed the latest and greatest cosmetic laser for varicose vein removal.

    1:00 WEW... Thats enough work for now. My long gold position is already up $32.50. I'm off to Oak Street!

    2:30 On my way to Barneys, I stop into Starbucks and run into one of my sorority sisters who, Omigod, is working behind the counter! How incredibly degrading! note to self* job market must be really tough right now.

    2:45 Call broker- place order to buy one CBOT 30 year bond future before unemployment number tomorrow morning
  2. Nothing like a good pleonasm to start off my day.
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    "pleonasm"... Had to look that up in my Funk 'n Wagnalls. Not exactly up there with the other "asm's", but enlightening nevertheless. :cool:
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    Here is my day,
    Get up at 6 am
    Check the overnight charts on the futures
    Check email and messages from Elite Trader.
    Check Reuters, NY Times, London Times, BBC, and the local papers.
    7 turn on Squawk Box.
    8 do some yoga to relax
    9 start trading
    5 stop trading
    Check email again and Elite Trader
    Turn off computer and relax with Bob before he feels totally neglected.