Female Chimps Sell Sex For Fruit!?! (must read)

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  1. The summation of this article is that female chimps have begun to whore themselves out to the chimp that can supply her with the most fruit. The alpha males have taken a backseat to the fruit suppliers. This is extremely interesting behavoir, and can be seen replicated by humans. The industrialization and agriculturalization has shifted the evolutionary behavoirs of us all, but chimps?? It's a real thought to ponder. The article describes this fruit seeking female as being able to strike up exclusive relationships with a single male, until he can't give her the fruit that she wants, then she returns to the "streets" banging males for their mangos. Just goes to show that in our world, gold-digging women really are hookers, and will return to the streets to bang the dude with the most cash (a medium for buying fruit, no less). I just can't believe that the alpha males are getting dissed.

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    solution set: Alpha Males kill fruit sellers.
  3. A female friend of mine once told me "Any woman who tells you the amount of money a man has does not impact her sexual desire for him is a lying bitch."

    And I believe every word of it.
  4. That's nothing, republicans have been doing that for corporate for years.
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    What does this mean?

    "Doing that for corporate"

    I, like millions of Americans, work for a corporation. Are you insinuating that the moral thing to do is punish corporations.

    You are on a trader website which revolves around the key activity of investing in corporations.

    What the hell are you doing on this website?
  6. I took it to mean the Republican party is the John and the corporations are the whores. A republican administration passes legislation giving pecuniary incentive to ship jobs offshore for the benefit of the corporations to the detriment of American citizens and to the detriment of the American economy.
  7. -A females mate value is determined by her youth and beauty.

    -A males mate value is determined by his wealth and social status.

    Women are supposed to be "gold diggers" and guys are supposed to be "pigs". It keeps the species alive... simple science folks.
  8. I'm not sure about the "fruit" vis a vis humans.

    "food-for-sex" trade ?????? Too many fatties.

    More like "Will fuck for twinkies".
  9. And that's why I spend lots of time on beaches. It keeps me alive :)
  10. You obviously missed my point. I never said people will fuck for fruit, I said golddiggers seek out men with the most money, which can be used to buy fruit, underwear, cars, computers, lottery tickets, flip-flops, houses, necklaces, lawn mowers, tires, tickets, sunglasses, sex, drugs, music, phones, steaks, drinks, cereal, books, motorcycles, and many, many other things in this world. It was a relative comparison, cabron.
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