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    I have posted on another thread asking if guys from a prop shop know a certain invidual with a funny nickname, I got a PM from the guy, so was a bit shocked.

    Whats the funniest nickname that you guys have in your offices?
    My 2 favourite nicknames of guys that I know in the futures business has got to be "Dogshit" and " Boner".

    "Dogshit" got the nickname as he always complains that the " the market is dogshit" as soon as he goes offside on a trade.Needless to say, his nickname does grab a bit of attention when in a public area ( getting a round of drinks in at the bar etc.)

    "Boner" got the name as when he has a winning trade on he gets an erection.

    What other funny nicknames have u guys got for your trading colleagues within the office?
  2. I heard of a guy named "Kool-Aid", no not because he drank the Kool aid but because he was shaped like a pitcher (he never knew that is why we called him that)....:cool:
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    "Kool- aid"- not a bad one- still waiting to hear if any colleaugues have funnier nicknames than "Dogshit" like the guy at our office...