Fellow losers. Do the opposite?

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  1. Every decision in the market we would normally do but inverse.
    Buy when you would ordinarily Sell, put a stop-loss where you would usually take profit and so on.. Anyone tried this?
    George Costanza was a perfect loser (and my personal favorite TV character) and doing the opposite worked out for him.

    It probably wont work for most, it's just a thought, I am not recommending anything! but If you try it, consider starting with your Risk/Reward ratios and let us know if you had any success.
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    You can't just let other people risk losing their fund in order to try your thought.
  3. So I repeat:
    It probably wont work for most, it's just a thought, I am not recommending anything.

    I didn't give anyone a loaded gun. Maybe just something worth thinking about.
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    Most just lose from bid/ask spread & commissions. They would lose about the exact same doing the opposite.
  5. It isn't as simple as that. You could be doing everything except the last part: getting out too early or too late. Or is it the first part: getting in too early or too late. Good luck extablishing the "opposite".
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    I see.
  7. No; It isn't simple at all. It's no holy grail.
    As a reference when managing a trade I think it could assist - Manage your losses as if they were winning trades - and vice versa.
  8. Statistics have shown that more often than not retail traders enter correctly. Win or loss they fail to manage it correctly.
  9. Good point.

    My experience has been that avoiding the huge losing trade is by far the most important factor. I have the sense that a lot of newbies here overtrade as well.
  10. bingo. a consistently losing system beyond transaction costs, is just as hard to find as a consistently winning system.
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