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  1. You are aware that the guys behind that scheme had and have ... problems with the US and canadian juridical system and regualtors? Just do a google search, its not pretty. But i am sure you are already aware of that.
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    Is that to say that the customers have any less right or desire to have a good broker to route through?
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  3. I am saying you are activly supporting (through your website) and participating(in collecting the commissions from the victims) in what for me clearly appears to be a fraud (or at the very least extremly questionable and deceptive sales operation).
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    I can candidly say I do not draw the parallel to a customer being a "victim" in their desire to trade the forex market with a good broker. Again, do you agree or disagree that everyone should have access to a good broker? That is exactly the role MBT has in offering our service. We offer our integrated brokerage to several companies and I am sure each and everyone has situations where there are grievances however MBT will always be there to offer every single customer, whether they are an existing or potential customer, the best brokerage available. We have been in this direct access brokerage business now for 11 years. Our goal to be the best in class will never change. I hope you can appreciate that regardless whether you agree or disagree with which software application somone chooses to use or how they came to the decision on what to use. At the end of the day, as I have said many times, everyone deserves to work with a good brokerage firm when it comes to their trading.


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  5. It makes you look like an asshole to have your named slapped up there with a company like 4xMadeEasy or Felix Homolicious is the point I think Pippi is trying to make.

    No matter what reason you say you do it for, that is the plain and simple fact of the matter. I mean hey that's great, now they have a good broker to route their bunk ass trades through.

    Many, many people fail at trading, and it's not the broker's fault (99.99% of the time). A broker can't be held responsible for someone being a crappy trader.

    But it's a totally different story to be directly associated with these companies. It just makes you look like a dirtbag. Especially with the bad rep for hucksters and charlatans forex already has in the first place.
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  6. Good job Pippi. i agree with what pippi says...
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