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    You missed the point of the thread. When he originally set up his website his goal was naturally to make money but also to create a place where people could share their gripes about their current brokers. He went on and on about trying to "stop those bastards from taking your money." I had no problem with him using his website as a way to promote his signal service.

    Now that he gets kickbacks for MB Trading his site is completely biased. Furthermore, because he makes money by referring traders to MB Trading he will say anything to get them to open an account there. Numerous items he mentioned in that video were simply not true such as claiming MB Trading is an ECN or making traders beleive they can move the market with their Mini accounts. On top of all that, he is promoting a firm that probably won't be around much longer. What happened to Felix looking out for those "bastards taking your money?" I guess you can ask him when MB Trading goes bankrupt.
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  2. So many anti-capitalists on here!

    As long as he lets free speech rein on his site, what's the problem?
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    He doesn't.
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    I agree
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    Earlier, someone said... "My favorite part of the presentation is how he thinks that his dinky trade will influence the market. No individual trader should be able to move the market like that unless you trade the volume of George Soros...."

    What's the problem?

    Let's see:

    Platform advertises bid 79 ask 81 (example)

    A new order is entered with ask of 80.

    Platform advertises bid 79 ask 80 to all participants.

    Somebody matches his order, execution occurs, commissions charged..

    Platform again advertises bid 79 ask 81.

    Isn't that how trading is SUPPOSED to work?
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    some say that the person who started the infamous thread about the NFA proposal and the dead pool is felix, and that he did it to help out the bigger firms
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    Proof to back up the theme of my post:


    Also, Felix, whose real name is Dmitri Chavkerov is an "internet ordained minister" who got busted for ordaining a marriage between a Russian illegal alien and an American citizen. The American citizen received a free car in exchange for marrying the woman. You would think I am making this up but you can read about it here:


    If you still think he has any credibility after this, then maybe he should ordain your next marriage!
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  9. is he like the Michael Moore of the FX world now? :p
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  10. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This guy is pretty smaht. What kind of car did he get and what did his bride look like?
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