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    It was only a matter of time I suppose. While I hate giving him any more publicity than he deserves, I think everybody will be quite aware that he is no longer the champion of the people that he claims and just trying to make money like the brokers he critcizes. No wonder MB Trading is now at the top of his broker review list...

    "...unfortunately and very much unfortuantely so you have only one choice and that is MB Trading...."
  2. My favorite part of the presentation is how he thinks that his dinky trade will influence the market. No individual trader should be able to move the market like that unless you trade the volume of George Soros....I highly doubt that Felix's $300 account can do that. It's all one big lie, bet he gets an extra little bonus from MB Trading...
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    i am a little confused by your comments. i do not think we watched the same video. i do not have any particular like or dislike for Felix, but his demonstration does explain one way to verify if the broker is a STP broker or a market maker. if you had read the comments from the viewers, he was attacked by one person and Felix did answer his inquiries. The attacker recanted and thanked him for his honesty.

    as not being able to move a market with a small order, i have done that with bidding or offering for a single options contract (remember the rules, highest bid, lowest ask) and my account for options would not make lint in some of the pockets of the bigger traders here on ET little on George Soros.

    he did promote MB Trading, but if that is all that you came away with from the video perhaps you could benefit from rewatching the video, and reading the comments but with an open mind this time instead of being biased by his name or whatever it was.
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    The biggest problem I have with Felix is that he misinforms people to his own benefit. Those who know nothing about the market will come away from his video thinking they learned something when they've actually been misled by very biased information.

    He claims that MB Trading represents the real market because he can move prices. As cjennings wrote, it is ludircious to beleive you can move the market with your mini account. If you can, you are not trading in the FX market.

    He then claims that they are a legitimate ECN broker. Well if you wanted an ECN system it is not going to work in FX, especially if you trade news events. Every single person is going to want to buy or sell at once and your order will never get filled.

    I could go on but my point is that when this guy started his website he gave the impression that he was trying to look out for people who had been taken advantage of. Once he gained a group of followers he decided to cash in and suprinsgly enough MB Trading is the best ranked company on his site....
  5. And he makes a living doing this. The real market, there is no "Real" market in FX, just a consensus of prices. Each hub has its own liquidity and spread etc. CurreneX in its unadulterated form will run to choice for spread and higher liquidity than any retail trader would need. Sometimes a retail trader is connected to only 1 or 2 institutions in a hub, why, because they don't need the VOLUME of more.
    Felix is obviously an IB for EFX, and is trolling for clients, so what, who cares. Do your own research, don't follow any human. Call the broker you wish to deal with and ask questions, research their reputation on every trading board you can get your grubby paws on.
    Also as far as MBT having only the minimum of regulator mandated funds, again so what, if I was in MBTs position I would do the same, and no we are not an IB for MBT. To put in more money than required just to make people feel all warm and fuzzy is, from a buisness standpoint Stupid.
    Why is forex so cheap for a rookie to get started in? Lack of regulation, so lets bring in more regulation and then forex will cost as much and have the same margins as futures, so then there would be an even playing field in that everybody would pay more and who gets the shaft, the small trader, nothing new in this. What regulation ever stopped anyone from getting ripped off in any market, none, sure after the rip, the ripper goes to jail but the ripee is still out the money and will more than likely never recover it. Anyway I am not here to debate just to give my viewpoint.

    SO have a profitable and productive day Y'all

    The Evere Not In A Good Humor This Morning VIPER
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    Felix is a bastard.
  8. Used to be a site to this effect. It was discussed on this thread, among other places (scroll down past the annoying ads)

  9. Many in the the forum said he is a cheat and stuff and his signals don't work. But Felix signals are the best and most accurate. All u need to do is blindly follow them. When he says there will be a trade there will be one for sure and vice- versa. And I totally agree with Felix reply that he doesn't want to entertain small time traders and they can't make enough money trading news or his signals. We would be wasting our time if we trade with that 1 or 2 dollars pip value. During news you are supposed to have at least $50 pip value because all you are looking here for is that 10- 15 pip move. If we take our case, I trade with a pip value of 10. This would never make me a living if I live in US. Imagine, by trading news we make some 2000 a month that too if you are extremely skilled (1 pip = 10). Can anyone survive with 2000 at your place. And Felix is just a good marketing guy. He markets his products very well ( mbt or his signal services). Why should we even bother about how much he is making from signal subscriptions? All we should be bothered about how much we are making and how much we are learning. This is like telling ur kids that we should be worried more about how much the school is getting from fees rather than worry about how much you are learning. Those comments are just out of jealousy as this guy is more popular. I have tried a zillion signals( 1 month free subscriptions) but none work.
  10. I have read on another board that his 25% commission rebate on MBT is not that you get commissions refunded in cash - but that he will buy subscribers "christmas presents" every end of the year worth the same ammount. A real 25% discount would make this broker somewhat more interesting, but this is just meh..

    I personally will stay clear of brokers collaborating with 4xMadeCheesy and Felix and the likes..
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