Feinstein wanted a Complete Gun Ban in 1995

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    Yet, this cockroach praised concealed carry when SHE needed to defend her and her loved ones from a psycho stalker.

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    The Feinstein Bill bans a huge swath of not just assault rifles, but handguns and shotguns that exhibit ONE military characteristic. It mandates the creation of a national gun registry, and all "Grandfathered" "assault" weapons must receive approval from both the ATF and State/Local police that those weapons don't violate State or Local law (subject to broad interpretation). Meaning, if the Sheriff of Podunk Idaho doesn't like your gun, you ain't keeping it. And if you don't register it, you're a criminal. That will get SWAT Teamed
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    Rumors are circulating the Feinstein Bill includes a forced buyback option. Haven't been able to verify.
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