Feels like we are tethering on a crash...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lwlee, May 12, 2022.

  1. zghorner


    i meant they are slowly coming to the realization. Lets keep arguing about this though.
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  2. This is scary shit.
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  3. lwlee


    Tricky price action. Pump during AM and then slowly bleed to negative in the afternoon.
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  4. Uh, what makes you think that ? losing 90% , who would be slow to realize their anus was now owned by bubbah?
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  5. Millionaire


    Not as scary as the Covid sell off was, not yet any way.

    Although the Fed might not be able to come to rescue in the same way, if hands are tied by inflation, no pumping $5 Trillion into the markets like they did last time.
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  6. Funny, the buck is losing 8% a year, but when their stonk loses 8% in 90 seconds, they are not fazed

    AAPL and MSFT ? Dollar is a bar of gold by comparison this year
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  7. no one is helped except con men and morons, when stocks trade at 5X their real value
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  8. Agree 100% on all counts Millionaire.
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  9. This post must be a signal of bottom VERY near.
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  10. Millionaire


    What kind of bottom? A 2 week bottom? A 2 month bottom? Or a bottom we never see again in our life times?

    All i saw was that the S&P 500 had a nice bounce just before it hit the -20% bear market level today.
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