feels like capitulation?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by snowbird123, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. any thoughts, I know the vix isn't high enough but it seems like they are throwing in the towel. Let's see if we get a massive rally starting soon.
  2. definitely not controlled selling...
  3. No way. VIX has to hit Aug or January levels which is around 37.
    We are going down pretty orderly in the last several days looking at the technical levels in ES at the moment.
  4. long q's at 42.07, I guess we'll see
  5. Too early to go long.
  6. Fine and dandy. Whatever works. But how bout detail.

    Expected hold time frame?
    Scalp, swing, or position?
    Stop? if no stop, mental uncle point?
  7. This isn't capitulation.
    capitulation is a blowout drop with everyone selling and no buyers to be found. This is just another string of down days as the market works it's way lower to test jan lows.
  8. capitulation may be experienced after Fridays employment report.
  9. lescor


    Not even a hint of panic or fear in any of this selling. Nowhere near capitulation.
  10. I guess my indicators were right for the time being, 44.50 next stop
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