feels like a market meltup

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dsq, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. dsq


    market feels like it wants to explode to the upside...
  2. S2007S


    yep, maybe because buffet bought everyone is following him.

  3. has anyone considered the idea that buffett has enough ears out there that he knows that the forced liquidation that took us so low is done?
  4. Crude oil has been creeping higher all day long . . . now +$3.70 and that is creating a lot of bids in the XOI and OIH. Nat-Gas and Coal stocks strong too.

    This provides a pretty good "bid" to the SPX.

  5. dsq


    i was shorting this mornings rallies but i am extrremely reluctant to now...market seems to want to rally off lows and make new highs later in the day.This happened yesterday as well.Maybe time to start considering buying the dips...
  6. dsq


    nov,chk are exploding as are mo,kft...seems like they want to light up every sector
  7. Don't forget the super strong earnings in BTU yesterday . . . which is now lighting up the entire COAL sector, including the likes of laggard JOYG which obviously has been under pressure due to lack of financing for mining equipment.

    Lots of stocks being "pushed" through various strike prices on options expiration today.
  8. ES was up 50 from the open when you posted this brilliance.

    Nice chase.
  9. feels like teen spirit einstein
  10. remind me to fade your next call at 10X margin.

    once again my timing PERFECT. As soon as I mocked your ridiculous call, mkt wen straight down.
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