Feeling bullish today

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  1. I'm going for 20 points up today.
  2. maxinger


    You view is very different from mine.
    I presume you already longed or are planning to long heavily.
    who knows, market might go up 20 points.

    see my journal for my view which is SCARY view
    (ie very difficult to trade, very easy to lose money).
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  3. That's cool. One will be right, the other will be wrong. We'll see at the end of the day. Good luck.
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    according to the Fed Model SP should be at 5700 today... stocks are so under valued.
  5. maxinger


    shorted NQ at 943 am ET
  6. dozu888


    the temptation to be a top picking hero is that strong isn't it... that's why the retail guys in their infinite wisdom are 30:70 on the SP right now.


    don't feel too bad, this ratio was 10:90 in 2016 and 2017.... perfect contrarian indicator.
  7. Thanks for that link dozu888! Even less bullish when I looked - 28/72. But that says "mixed", not "bullish" as I would have guessed - when does it turn "bullish"?


  8. dozu888, can you expand on the Fed Model SP - what is it and how it comes up with a 5700 number for the S&P I take it? Very interesting. Thanks!
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  10. maxinger


    when market is near the top, lots of experts started to talk.
    but those experts don't quite understand market personality, characteristics, behaviour, idiosyncrasy, EQ , temperament ...

    those who traded ES YM RTY NQ past 2 days would find trading rather challenging and very easy to lose money.
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