Feeling about crooks

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by NoMoreOptions, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. Are you angry at crooks any kind of crooks? Or do you still have a little sympathy for 'em as you think it is the only way for all crooks to make a living and to feed their families? Is it so? Do you try to comprehend the crooking activities?
  2. Define crooks
  3. Unfairly take way tangible assets from people who own 'em.

    Or go to your favorite dictionary to find a definition that you understand.

  4. Unfairly take way...

    Define unfairly... maybe in terms of the trading.
  5. All of them will be caught sooner or later. It's just that simple.
  6. BSAM


    Nah....Love 'em.....That's why I involve myself with the stock market.:cool: And, yes, I try to comprehend the "crooking" activities!!
  7. gms


    "Unfairly"? That happens everyday to people and all quite legally. "unfair" is a concept we teach our children about so to make them idealistic, but then life's lessons teach them that life does not obey this rule and the expectation that everything has to "be fair" is unrealistic. Are you sure you don't mean "illegally"?