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    Firstly, I'm really sorry to hear this. I'm not surprised though.

    If you could entertain me for a moment. What exactly does a MACD have to do with the market or why price moves?
    And a line on a chart, what does that have to do with the market?
    See, you think you're trading the market, but actually you are not. You are going to tell me you are, because you have a broker statement with a list of all your trades.
    I know why you use a MACD. It is because it helps you make a trading decision. You use things like lines and MACD (indicators) because from your perspective there isn't anything else!
    But imagine for a moment that there are no indicators. I know, what an uncomfortable feeling! But you are now closer to long-term profitability than you have ever been!
    How would you now trade?

    You have to learn to trade on a 'forward basis'.
    Most retail traders do not trade on a 'forward basis' and this in my humble opinion is why so many fail.
    The order of things:
    Can you see where you are in relation to where you should be? Can you see why you are struggling?
    Larger market participants are pushing billions around daily. They do not care about MACD!
    T h e y d o n o t c a r e a b o u t M A C D !
    Indicators are a result of price movement and price movement is result of order flow and order flow is a result of market participants clicking buttons and market participants are driven to clicking buttons because they receive information that forces them to. The market participant is a slave to information.
    And please, do not tell me that a MACD is INFORMATION! Price and MACD is OUTPUT, not INPUT.
    Indicators do not drive prices.

    Find another way to trade.
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  2. Good Morning oopsies
    My questions to you all were intentionally trying to shaking up your psychological inner...
    Trying to make you, to get to know, what you know that you know...many times we don't realise how much we know. If you could make 3/4K consistent, you know something...
    To me... To my ignorance...As a looser trader, which I am... I do think that you are completely in the right path with your methodology... Yes, you did have one relapse. Though, don't let it go against you! Please move on obeying all your previous rules. Those that brought you in 3/4K consistently. Think about them... Think how good u felt when u had it... Try to feel those feeling everytime you will sit on your trading desk, keeping those feelings!It is very important to feel good about yourself when you going to trade.
    Everyone had what you just had... at least one time everyone was a bad Boy/gril as you were.. Those who used those bad behaviours as an example of what u r not allowed to do , succeeded...So copy them!
    I don't speak good English, sorry if I am not making myself understood well.
    Many answers in here are good, but there is one on the very beginning of this thread, posted by steeveM that I have considered as a very real help.I already added on my Daily "reading card" in order to make it one my rules... It is about what "I think" you and I are in needing. "Psychological stable rules for money management....Oh How I need that! Seems that it is the only thing you did not have at the moment of risking 15K
    I would love to hold hands with someone,exchanging inf. during mkt hours through a voice communication such as Skype, Paltalk, etc, but seems that in our case it is not going to work because i am a "day" trader. Or better, I wannabe day trader. LOL. Also I just trade ES.
    Using P.A. confirming with volume and MACD,"most of the time", I can see mkt directions but I have no discipline to take or follow what I see, which I think if I had another serious trader to talk about it, possible it would improve my confidence if we both would be in the same path, taking us out of a situation of sabotagem ourselves. Which is what U did. Agree?
    I hope it can be any help to you.
    I wish you luck, feel free to contact me any time.
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