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  1. I have now discovered RSS feeds!!

    For those who have not been introduced to this great technology, let me let you in on it. When you go to a website like Marketwatch, you see these small orange boxes marked RSS feed. This will send the updates to you in real time to a reader program FOR FREE.

    Go to google and type in Feedreader 3.05. Download the program, setup the feeds and watch how news comes across your screen IN REAL TIME. There are features that will allow you to filter out news based upon certain criteria, for example, using the word "upgrade".

    I will admit that before I was hitting the refresh key on my browser to get news off of marketwatch and listening to CNBC 24-7. Now I can get upgrades the second they hit the market and FOR FREE.
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    RSS is great for general news.

    Take a look at:


    Nothing to download, use on linux, Mac, or Win, settings always there. Very nice.

    What are the best RSS feeds for market news? For forex I use: ForexTV.com Not bad, looking for indexes or equities RSS feeds.

    All the best!
  3. I am just experimenting right now, but my favorite feeds come from www.marketwatch.com. Out of all the financial websites, I find that marketwatch seems to have the most detailed headlines.

    I think just about every financial/news site has a feed.
  4. Most blogs do too. Welcome to 2006!
  5. Hehe. I know. I saw the RSS feed symbols for a while, but casually dismissed them.

    Then I downloaded Feedreader 3.05 and this is simply amazing. I might just buy a monitor just for the feedreader alone.
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  8. Hmmm does this have anything to do with trading? Um no it doesn't.
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