Feeding the Ducks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by easyrider, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. We had a great exhaustion pattern to short this morning. The thing that puzzles me is that these things happen over and over again. Is there a neverending supply of people dumb enough to buy those last couple of bars?
  2. Problem is they don't tell you those are the last couple of bars. Typically that sort of thing is caused by program trading and stop running.
  3. nitro



    What bars and what market are you talking about?

    nitro :confused:
  4. Probably too small a time frame for you to notice Nitro. There was a small parabolic move in es a little after eleven right at the end of the morning runup. They fascinate me as I cant figure out who,s buying so frantically that late in a move. My guess is that a lot of people went short just before this move and then had to scramble to cover.
  5. Fluid


    Mainly stops gettin ran and buy programs pouring in after the break of the prior days high; the "blow-off" on the 2's and 5's had little to nothing to do with small fish such as yourself...
  6. nitro


    I have ES as a tick chart on my screen! I just don't know what an "exhaustion" bar means [to you.]

    Are you talking about when the ES goes from about 869.80 at 11:03 CST to about 874.50 at 11:06?

  7. ES went from 878 around 9:55 to 889.75 at around 10:50 then paused a bit then made two wrb's on high volume on the 5 min chart with over 20k contracts on the last bar. That is an exhaustion move to me, at least on a temporary basis.

    I understand the stop running part, but find it hard to believe that programs would come in here.

    Fluid; you're right, I am a very small fish. Are you a big time trader?