Feeder Cattle

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  1. fandyur


    I am going to start trading Feeder Cattle.
    I am looking for some help from some of the experienced FC traders.
    Is there a certain time of day , where you could get the best fills
    and what report(s) move the market?
  2. best time for fills is the opening hour and closing half hour. There's not a lot of size usually shown on the screen but you can get size off, you just have to know how to do it.

    Cattle are normally a very fundamentally based market, but lately this record fund open interest has been a lot more of a driving factor.

    There are some very predictable swings in futures vs cash, and usually its best to trade in the direction of those swings.
  3. fandyur


    Thanks TraderTX.
    "but you can get size off".
    Never heard that expression, do you mind explaining it.

  4. well...for instance, if you want to buy 50 @ 105.00, you normally don't want to just throw that order out there. You could get by with that in live cattle, but not feeders...the market is just too thin. But, if you know how to work the market a bit (even playing both sides for a while), then you can usually get a larger size done in a timely manner without sweeping the other side of the deck and paying up 20-25 cents.