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  1. Do the forums have a search function for finding threads by keywords?

    I think this would make the forum much easier to use.
  2. The search function in your top right corner can search by username or by word/phrase.
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    I'm assuming you mean finding threads whose titles contains your search keyword. If so, you just type in your keyword and then click the little button that says "search titles only".
  4. You can also go through Google to search with the string: keyword1 keyword2 "exact phrase number one" "exact phrase number two"

    This way you have the Google search features at your disposal.
  5. I read on a CL thread here that someone uses bollinger bands with a keltner channel to predict whipsaws.

    Ive tried looking for it for days now without the search function and today with the search function.

    Does anyone know what im on about or know where this post is?
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