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    So this is a little project that I have started up.

    I'm replaying the ES every day in fast forward for folks who can't/ don't want to watch the market all day, and want to see intraday price action.

    I am looking for some (constructive) feedback here, if people would be kind enough to lend it:

    is this a useful tool?

    is this a useful tool in its current form? will you use it?

    which contracts/ time frames/ indicators would you like to see covered (there is a poll on the site...)

    and anything else you would like to add...

    thanks in advance,

  2. Yes, I do this all the time with Market delta. See how the price action develops. I dont think a candle stick gives you enough info
  3. BenChi,

    Looks great.

    For ES I would suggest 610 tick charts or 5000 volume based bars.

    As far as indicators, I would not trash the pretty video with cancer :D

  4. BenChi



    yes, i am trying to keep it nice and clean and accessible to as many people as possible, so utility of indicators is limited.

    it would be nice to have delta information too, but i don't think market delta would like that very much :p the nyse tick might be one possibility
  5. Hi Ben,

    I think I may have missed the point of your replaying back (in fastforward) the intraday price action of ES or any other trading instrument???

    Here's why I say the above.

    I myself have several years of live recordings of many trading instruments from open to close and I highly recommend any traders to do their own live recordings to video document their trading day.

    However, the key with the above statement is to document the trading day.

    Here's what I mean by that because your recording is missing the big picture of the intraday price action.

    Your video represents a single screen recording of a maximized chart showing the intraday price action of ES.

    That's not how any trader should review the markets.

    To properly review the markets via live recordings is to show everything you normally look at on your monitor(s).

    That includes your broker execution platform, charting programs et cetera.

    Simply, pretend your actually recording a live trading session and you'll quiclkly realize you recording a lot more than just a single maximized image of your trading instrument.

    In my live recordings I can see exactly how I interacted with the markets on any given trading day...

    As my mouse traversed from broker execution platform, to my charts, to my spreadsheet, to chat room commentary et cetera.

    Further, if I take the day off from trading or have an appointment or whatever...

    I'll leave the computer on and let my live recorder document everything as if I was there.

    Only thing difference is that the there's no mouse activity in the recordings.

    My point, why are you limiting your live recordings to a single maximized image of the intraday price action when in reality that's not how you trade.

    It's like trying to learn something about real trading via hindsight printed/static charts or still chart images we see commonally attached here at that show the entire intraday price action from open to close / pattern signal from entry to exit.

    That's good but should only be used as a reference point to the live recordings.

    Simply, the way you have it set up...

    It's an entertaining recording but not useful for learning anything related to real trading nor about the price action of a particular trading instrument...

    Unless you include all the info (all the open programs and charts) that a trader (as in you) would have on your monitors when you trade.

    If you did that you most likely wouldn't make it public because you'll have an enormous task of trying to edit out (cover) any private info an such requires a very expensive video editing program along with a lot of free time to do editing work.

    Live recordings is one of the most powerful ways to review, study and learn about how we interacted with the markets.

    Make sure you turn the audio off if you don't have a lot of privacy or your spouse walks into the room and saids something that'll make anyone forget about trading. :cool:

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    nkhoi Moderator

    could you change the volume color to match with candle color?
  7. BenChi


    Hi NihabaAshi,

    Thanks for the reply. I think you make a number of valid points about enhancing performance. What I am trying to do here is offer a service to people who do not have the opportunity to watch the markets all day - or perhaps do not want to - and instead want a recap of the days action with more information than is available OHLC bars.

    The fed meeting yesterday is a good example:


    thanks for the suggestion, I have made the change starting yesterday.
  8. Sponger


    Hey Niha, what program are you using to record your entire trading screens, execution screen, charts for yourself...I really like this exactly does one go about setting it all up?
  9. I've been visiting your blog to check out the nifty videos since you posted the creation.

    Thanks for the service.

  10. BenChi


    Hi Anek,

    Thanks for the comments, glad you are making use of the service. Today's video is now online.


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