feedback req'd on a users group idea

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by over_invested, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. please visit

    (and associated Yahoo!group) and reply with comments. there seems to a need to start and organize TA software users groups. this idea comes from running a club here in Toronto. after trying to find other clubs anywhere else in the world, i came up empty handed. there are many clubs listed, but either not active, or only exist in hyper space. who here belongs to clubs/groups?

  2. Good idea, but the website will have to be 1) nicely done and 2) significant work on keeping it up-to-date will also need to be done. If those 2 things are not accomplished, it's a lost cause.
  3. we are in process of putting up a PHP-Nike site. vendors will be able to upload info. there will be directories, and chat group for organizing ourselves. we don't want to duplicate anything found here or in yahoo groups, etc.

    what you see now on the site is just some explanatory info, not meant to be anything like the final effort.