Feedback on Optimum Online (Ultra 101mb/s down by 15mb/s up)

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  1. Anyone have this service?

    I'm changing backup ISP's April 1 and my new best choice seems to be Optimum Online's Ultra service which is $99/month (or $149/month for business with 5 statics) for 101 down and 15 up.

    Question is what is the latency like and how bad is the service when the general population gets home from school/work?

    I'm using Time Warner Cable's DOCSIS 3.0 50down /5 up as my current backup/failover and the latency has been about 3-4ms to my gateway, well under 10ms to ping or

    If anyone could give me feedback on this I'd appreciate it. I'm not a big enough operation to be able to afford a T3 or 100/100 line to my backups - but I do need to provide SLAs to clients. My other solution would be to try and load-balance ATT + Verizon 4G wireless which would be a disaster.

    Thx for feedback. Backup site is looking like it'll be in the Fairfield County CT area - fairly close to IB's setup.

    Please note - this is BACKUP not primary but I'm asking because if a single trader or small office has issues I'll look for something else vs. risk it.

  2. [​IMG]

    Not bad so far... for a backup line the ping times are only 6-7ms so not terrible.
  3. It's faster than your reflexes, so yeah, looks good to me.
  4. I'm in southern ct...optimum is the only game in in town for me...i have boost and get no where near the speeds you show.i feel so inadequate, lol
  5. If that's your backup, what's your frikkin primary? A Google server farm?
  6. primary is 100/100 ethernet as well as bonded T1's for P2P (point-to-point) connections.

    I went all-out this time :)
  7. I had to go to ATT for the T1's and Verizon for ethernet. It was a bit of a 3-ring circus to get all the ISP's but at least I have diversity. My only fear is that all three wires leave the building and go to the same pole. An over-height vehicle or downed tree could end me as the hand-off from ethernet to cellular (4g) usually requires a refresh and can't be seamless.
  8. Funny thing is... I host 18 VMs on that circuit. The traders are pulling/pushing no more than 5/5 up/down while the one guy I have that's not a trader is looking at porn and pulling an average of 20 down and pushing 5 up.

    I feel the pain of ATT/Verizon. I could run 100 traders on that backup line - but one guy who wants to abuse it will bring the whole thing down.
  9. i love it when you talk shop!:cool:
  10. Have you considered putting it underground?
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