Feedback on Multicharts and/or DecisionBar???

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    Multicharts is a product that is offered by - I do not use it and cannot comment. It has become available for use with the decisionbar system in the past few weeks, but I don't care for the charts, and don't plan to use it.

    I have been a subscriber to the decisionbar add-in for Esignal for several months and I'm pretty pleased with it. It works well on some thngs and "just ok" on others, altho it's possible with some tweaking it would work well with the others, too. I have not taken the time to find out for certain - I trade primarily Russell Eminis, and it works great out of the box on those with a 3 minute candle. It's not really a black box - I think you need to use some discretion with trades, and they strongly recommend using the risk oscillators, but I don't especially like them, and just use the basic setup. I like taking most every signal in the times of day that I like to trade, and using agressive profit-taking to ensure positive outcome.

    If you have specific questions, I'll try to answer them...
  2. Thanks for the post.

    So it seems that Decisionbar is a viable product.

    How is the support?

    Have you found other users? Is there any type of a forum?

  3. Good thread. I am kinda interested in Multicharts too, but if there are any traders who use the other thing as well then please feel free to post here too. It's sad this thread died so soon.
  4. From the front page of the DecisionBar web site:

    In a "matter of hours" no less.

    How can you take this stuff seriously ?
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    I spent the 400 bucks one time fee to purchase multicharts. I have never used Tradestation, but all of the Tradestation code I download seems to work ok. I think you can still try MC free for 30 days. Can you beat free? :) Worth a go IMO.

    I have 3 or 4 custom indicators that are fairly complex that I have written in easylanguage for MC. I'm pretty happy with my purchase. It is not currently able to execute trades for a trading strategy, but they are working on adding that functionality.
  6. Thanks for your post. Now, who do you get your RT data from? Is it IB? I read on the software support board that there are some problems with the IB backfill. If you use IB, can you comment on that?

    Another thing: I know that system trading is not implemented yet, but can you at least write strategies in this thing?

    I would appreciate your further feedback.
  7. I did a lot of clicking here and there.

    Mostly I was trying to see if I could get anywhere to replicate some of the expert stuff I thought could be set up.

    I was unlucky in my travels.

    I did find a couple of frightening things that were departures (flyers in the wrong direction) from any effort that could be made to optimize.

    Usually I don't mind advancing a few thousand dollars to do check outs as long as there is a way to reason with management for a rebate if what is offered is not on the mark. I didn't find that opportunity either.

    All in all the site is somewhat opaque.
  8. I am not sure we are talking about the same thing here, not to mention that some of us are interested in things more concrete than your post seems to address...
  9. There is a free 30 day trial for MC. You don't have to advance anything...
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