Feedback on Investment Work

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    Hi Everyone,

    My goal is to eventually be able to live off the money I make in stocks. I am going to post my work at where I am currently identifying the qualities of winning stocks.

    Any feedback you can provide on the work I have done currently is much appreciated, as well as feedback on the trades that I make in the future. (I expect to go live trading in the next few weeks or so).

    In addition I hope that the combination of the blog on trying to liveoffstocks and the posts that I make on elitetrader will help to keep me accountable in my stock trading. One of the largest issues I have is making emotional decisions after I put on a trade in the stock market. Many times I have ended up in the right stock at the right time, only to either cut my profit too short or get greedy and add to a position that has not proven itself.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and possibly look at the site, best of luck to all of you in your trading endeavors. Also, if there is a better place for this to be posted in the future please let me know.

    Thanks again