Feedback on Chartered Market Technician(CMT)

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  1. Anyone have experience or knowledge of the CMT, aside from the learning aspect, do you think its worth it? ( the program and memebership is costly) as far as helping land a trading position

    Any thoughts/ experiences much appreciated
  2. I have yet to meet anybody who has ever bragged about hiring or doing business with somebody with a CMT designation.
  3. I suspect that the designation is meaningless.
  4. Well i figure itll atleast get me remembered, once you get your foot in the door its all up to you to do the rest..... Who isnt dying to talk to a chartered market technician? :D
  5. I do not recall seeing any CMT requirement in any help wanted ads.
  6. magickfun


    CMT doesn't carry any weight in the workplace.

    I've completed all the exams 3 years ago,
    Yes it's interesting BUT
    it will not get YOU anywhere :mad:
  7. the mta wont even let me in their forum. and from the people i know who have the cmt - none i know of live like i do. so i guess i as well off being the alpha wulf, wulf, wulf! ;)

    i feel so alone..
  8. Aside from offering (or not) a competitive advantage in the workplace does the program still offer a packaged learning resource for Trading? If so that may be valuable despite not being able to trot around proudly with your new TLA.
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    If you stick around the correct forum and threads on ET, you will learn much more than the CMT designation. Technicians have bad reputation in the industry, although behind the closed doors, more than few like to look at charts and indicator stuff.
  10. I passed the 1 and 2. Thinking about skipping the 3 for reasons posted already.

    Passing the 2 gets you a finra series 86 exemption. So I will probably take the 87, get my analyst license and stop there.

    The knowledge has helped my trading. But has not shown any benefit for employment purposes(yet?).
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