Feedback needed on cross-platform Data API

Discussion in 'Programming' started by FuturePrice, Feb 7, 2012.

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  2. May I ask who the company and people behind FuturePrice are?

    Seems it is written in C#, is that correct?

    Suitable for some retail applications, especially Silverlight clients.

    Perhaps you'd like to use our C# Silverlight financial chart on your demo page (free of charge if you post a link back to us):

    Just make sure it is obfuscated. By the way, you may want to obfuscate your code. I'd recommend .NET Reactor or DeepSea.

    Richard Gardner
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    FuturePrice is a privately funded company, but two of our key people are ex Deutsche Bank (algorithmic trading, asset management).

    Yes, it's written in C#.

    Our focus for now is on the Data API, but we have a complete Silverlight trading platform in the works. Our current Silverlight offering really just demonstrates the power of the Data API.

    All of our code is obfuscated using Dotfuscator Professional.

  4. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to integrate your API and data into our charts or Silverlight platforms. We've been offering a couple different Silverlight trading platforms since 2008 (started in 2007 with SL beta 1). We have a low-end version on our site and a professional version with scripting, more advanced charting, L1, L2, forex pairs, pattern recognition and the whole nine yards. It's not advertised on the site. We could always use another data feed API.
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    What markets do you cover? Is it just stocks?
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    At the moment we are covering stocks, ETF's etc. listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX, but in future we will be looking at providing data for other markets and instrument types.