Feedback from "career" trading gurus

Discussion in 'Trading' started by optionsplayer, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. I realize there has been an abundance of information out here on prop firms and how to go about securing the best trading deal "package" for newbies versus experienced individuals. I was wondering if there were any members on this board that actually work in the operations platform/trading desk at a Wall Street house such as Lehman, Bear Sterns, SLK, etc. or even on the floor of the NYSE as a runner, etc.

    ---There are some individuals out there that have major short term liquidity issues and the notion of obtaining a real paying base salary, while training for licenses and coming up through the ranks, could alleviate many problems. Conversely, on the prop side, coming in as a newbie with your hand being held and restricitions of trading very small lots with a few round trips per day until you consistently "prove" yourself worthy is a 6-12 month process at best before you can really get a ton of leverage.--

    (Any individuals also out there who would care to throw in their two cents of getting into trader trainee programs with Wall Street houses via internet websites would be greatly appreciated. THe internet, especially so called third party finders such as & Brilliant can be a real time consuming pain. It feels at times as you are sending off your resume to some big black hole. And if your resume word txt document is not formatted exactly correct to a predisposed ASCII setting, your resume will show up as garabage and merely be discarded.)