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Discussion in 'Forex' started by murfy_kl, May 23, 2005.

  1. murfy_kl


  2. Epiphany doesn't exist.
  3. Peter35


    I would like to try epiphany but they are not accepting new members and i have no way to contact them directly.

    I use fxmaster signals. So far, i'm satisfied with their signals.
  4. dally25


    The people who run this service have stopped answering emails and people mentioning them have disappeared.

    I think epiphany no longer exists !
  5. dally25


    Epiphany doesn't exist. All the signs of a scam were there from the start. A shadowy firm running a huge hedge fund, prepared to sell signals for a small amount to a select few clients, and achieving unheard of results. Why should anyone subscribe to a company with no track record, no address, no phone number and no credibility.
  6. Interesting, that's not what Jana wanted us to believe... And she disappeared too, much to the chagrin of some of her fans here, some of who, interestingly enough, are also fans of ProfLogic...
  7. I believe, and please correct me if I got it wrong, that they started posting real results (according to their automated system) this March. You can see how they compare to their previous completely hypothetical results. The difference is so huge that you are better off to wait a bit longer to see if they ever match their hypothetical results again. I doubt it...
  8. murfy_kl


    Peter35, what's their results for May? they didn't update their performance page yet.
  9. I don't understand why you are satisfied? As per their
    performance record, they didn't make any money from
    the new year (Dec, 04 to April,05)?

    December 2004-------+235
    January 2005----------+120
    February 2005-------- - 375-
    March 2005----------- +255
    April 2005------------- +70
    Profit Total pips 305 / five months= 61 pips per month

    Now, with 61 pips , I think traders that followed their
    signals breakeven or lost money slightly, because they
    can't enter and exit as per signals every time.

    It seems FXmaster is waste of money:D :D
  10. Peter35


    May ended with +470 pips.
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