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  1. I'd like to set up to feed Tradestation with Qcharts for both historical and real time data. I've got the Metaserver Demo to feed real time data into Tradestation but in order to access historical data it would appear that I need to set up Metaserver Qloader. Another option I think might be Dynastore for Quote.com.

    Does anyone have any recommendations about setting this up? Are there any alternatives that I missed?
  2. maxpi


    I think dynastore dropped quote.com a year ago. The guy at Traders-soft is advertising his stuff as the esignal solution. You better grab whatever you can get at this point.

    You can simply pull data into a qchart and save it from there as ASCII if I am not mistaken, then you can use the ASCII data for backtesting. I had a few problems with ASCII data and backtesting however, it was on a Win98 machine, that may not occur with the better OS's

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    Dynastore is still offering a solution. For a while DB had pulled out from the QFeed/Quote.com market, but has started selling his excellent program again. Check http://www.dynastorelight.com/QuoteCom/

    I've used it for almost 4 years now. One of the things I really like is the ability to use a feature called "Filter Limit Multiplier" which basically eliminates bad ticks. It's great for markets like SPY, QQQ, and DIA.
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    I do this. metaserver for quote.com --> TS2000i.......then Qloader for historical or missing data.
  5. Which of the two is more reliable?

    Another concern is, will Dynastore decide to drop Qoute.com wihout notice again and offer no support at all.

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    Certainly, that's possible. But support for TS2000 has essentially gone away also. What remains is a very usable product with a lot of users. I've used my copy of Dynastore continuously for four years, even though the support was dropped.

    But yes, that's a risk that should be considered with any of the programs.
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    I have been using a free alternative from Hypertrader. It works just as well as dynastore and much better than metaserver imo...and I have used all of them. It supports many quote feeds, including Qcharts. They also have a history downloader for historical data collection, all free.
  8. You always assume that support will be dropped "one day", but it will be unprofessional to sell a software for $130 and drop support within a few months...
  9. Had hell of a time to set it up (with TWS), seems like it was stuck in "Loading..." for almost all of the instruments I was trying to get a feed on. Eventually gave up...

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    I had problems with loading on the free hypertrader lite but downloaded a later version and it worked fine.

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