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    Hello Elite trader

    How do I check if my datafeed is delayed? Is there an easy way to find that out? Something to measure against?

  2. One cheap and easy way to do is to keep the Island book on your screen and compare quotes. This assumes that your connection is keeping up.
  3. Turok


    >How do I check if my datafeed is delayed?

    One of the best ways is to ping the data server (pingplotter utility). If the delay is introduced through your ISP, the Island quotes will also be delayed and the comparison will be invalid.

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    How do I know the delay introduced through my ISP? Isnt there a way to measure the total delay from the ¨real¨ source?

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    >How do I know the delay introduced
    >through my ISP?

    The aforementioned Pingplotter utility will show you the delay introduced by each hop between you and any server. This is an excellent method to determine whether any problem is distant or local.

    A Google search will set you up.

  6. I would like to ping Nextrend and LiveCharts(or Qcharts), how do I find out their address? Does anyone know which servers I should ping?
    Thank you for your help, I am kind of lost when it comes to these things.
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    While connected to your data feeds open a command prompt window, or ms doss box, and type in netstat ,this will list all your connections to the internet and the addresses.
    Then in this same box type ping and enter, gives time delays between hops. Also type in tracert this gives addresses of each hop and time between them.

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    Got ahead of myself, The ping and tracert commands are followed by a space then the address (either the www.adress or number address). You can also add after ping -t then the address to contentiously ping the target.

  9. THANK YOU VERY MUCH beyond running a word processor, spread sheet and my quote software I am afraid I don't know sh*t. So what 's the advantage of downloading Pingplotter (how much does it cost BTW)? Is it just to monitor the status of your connection in real time rather than doing netstat all the time?

    easyrider, I was wondering if when using www.nextrend.com I wouldn't simply ping their website and not the address used for connecting from the software :confused:
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