Feed & Charting platform setup advice requested

Discussion in 'Forex' started by IndianTrader, May 21, 2006.

  1. Greetings Traders,

    Have been trying to do my research on the above but am confused rather even more at a loss to understand what to do, than when I started out.

    I have zeroed in on AmiBroker as the charting app because of their reasonable pricing and the good things people wrote about their product. They mention that their product can recieve FXCM feed on their website. I hope someone can tell me their experience on this combo.

    Now the data feed aspect. If the above (Ami being able to recieve FXCM feed) is correct then the problem is resolved.

    However I would still appreciate guidance on what is possible on the data feed side of things for Fx, especially feed from the broker's trading app.

    Also since my FX related experience is zilch I would appreciate very much if the experienced members can please give some input on the subject of the charting app as well.

    Best Regards

  2. Big problem..... why are you trading with FXCM.

    3 pip spreads, negativity surrounding them on ET, I personally have an account with them and don't like what is going on.

    Why not InterbankFX, Oanda, or even Interactive Brokers?

    Also, if you open an account with InterbankFX you get metatrader *I like the platform, I use it for my demo trading*, or Oanda *which doesn't have as good charting but will suffice for day-trading*, or IB, I don't know about them.

    Actually, open an account on Oanda, and use Metatrader from StrategyBuilderFX wit an unlimited demo with live quotes and stuff, and trade by that.

    Tons of better options, and FXCM isn't the wisest of choice to blow your money on.

    Metatrader is great though... great charting and simple execution.
  3. Oanda is good.
  4. Can someone please share their experiences with FXCM? They seem legit, I only have experience with their demo platform. 3 pip spreads is the norm for retail, no?
  5. Lucrum


    Depends on which pair, but if it's EUR/USD then no.
  6. BFreshour


    I'm with a really crappy broker, Forex.com... My first account trading Forex, I should move but I have no idea where.