Fedup with the crushed trader pics!

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    Every single day the papers, cnn, etc have pictures of some retard on the floor with his head in his hands or his hands over his mouth. Where do they get all these?? Enough already!

  2. LOL, I've oftetimes thought the same thing.

    The reality is, whoever is taking the photo is probably just catching these traders in awkward moments, like they're about the sneeze or yawning so they make a weird face and the camera catches it, and the media plays it up like they're about to commit suicide.
  3. agreed 100% most of the time those people are brokers run over with orders and tired as shit
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    actually thats pretty dead on, I have a friend who works in the oil pit at the nymex and one day when oil was tanking they published a picture of everyone freaking out...he said nothing was happening in the market but someone in the pit had just farted and the whole place stunk haha.
  5. [​IMG]
    he's letting out a belch but is covering his mouth to be polite about it
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    This guy just got pelted with a spitball in the back of the head.
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    "yarrrrr, I'm a pirate"
    he's just getting ready for Halloween, that's all

  9. here's my contribution
  10. Make for a good etrade ad
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