Fed's Rosengren urges banks to enter subprime market

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  1. WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Commercial and savings banks may find profitable opportunities to explore in the subprime mortgage market, said Eric Rosengren, the new president of the Boston Federal Reserve Bank. "The most critical issue is that financing that supports responsible subprime lending continue," Rosengren said in a speech to the Chamber of Commerce in Portland, Maine. Rosengren said the recent market turmoil was not a wholesale reassessment of risk by investors. Instead, the central issue was a lack of liquidity, he said. Rosengren said that investors will slowly gain confidence in their ability to evaluate the quality of ratings on complex securities tied to mortgages and that "conservatively underwritten securitizations and asset-backed commercial paper will find acceptance by investors."

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    with appropriate underwriting standards subprime lending can be a good thing
  3. With appropriate underwriting standards subprime lending can be ... non-existent.
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