Feds reaction should US markets sell off

Discussion in 'Economics' started by myminitrading, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. I wonder what they would do if the US equity markets started taking out support.

    Do you think they would start cutting rates? or sit back and analyze the data like they did when raising rates by .25
  2. lwlee


    Short term, it's overdone. 4 straight down days. Today could be a up day.
  3. bjg


    Have they ever stepped in?
  4. lwlee


    :cool: :p :cool:
    Man, that Russell move was sweet. If the SP wasn't such a laggard, we would be higher.

    Still plenty of day left.

  5. Be careful, be very careful. They might do the "surprise" 50-basis point easing. They did it in 0ctober-98 and January & April 2001 with great effect.
  6. No chance, no way, no how.
  7. It might happen "sooner" than you want. Be careful!