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Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by waldo93, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. waldo93


    last 2 hours on thursday 08-16-07 dow , nasdaq reverse huge losses. friday 08-17-07 before markets open fed cuts discount rate. obviously some traders knew on thursday ... where's the news coverage ??? where's the outrage !!!!!
  2. empee


    + financials specifically
  3. No leak. Smart traders anticipated the rate cut.

    Here's why. On Thursday what happened? HUGE volume as the market traded into a HUGE support area. What else? Fed Funds were "allowed" all day to trade under 5%. Treasury securities were on fire. Those troublesome, inflationary commodities on Thursday got WASTED.

    Unfortunately I didn't know the cut was coming Friday morning at 8:13 or I wouldn't have flipped short Thursday night. Cest' la vie. At least I added at 1466. Even though I was short during the cut, was I surprised? Not one little bit.
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    99.5% of the market is longs. so any manipulation for the longs is always buried away and is good. but high hell if market tanks and shorts who lose 90% ol the time win all hell breaks loose. i didn't see
    crammer who had a nervous breakdown crying when the shorts won say one bad thing when the longs won by manipulation
  5. empee


    i was all long when the news came out but I don't like to see this kind of action. It disrupts the markets by killing one side (the shorts). If we kill all the shorts, we get parabolic rises which end in total chaos. Better to have a orderly market. Not cool to "cheat".

    Of course, if the market gaps down than its everyone clamoring for gov't intervention.

    As I said, i was long but this kind of action is not a win for anyone that wants to be able to trade a market in the long run.

    Plus, the most major indicies are still roughly flat (not even down very much). Are we saying that the new market paradigm is permanent up damn the repercussions?
  6. empee


    So you basically admitted your stupid?

    Here what smart traders anticipated, so I did the opposite and got smoked. This is the most ridiculous post I've seen in awhile. If you "knew" what was coming, why would you flip short??

  7. Because I was short 30 Bond futures moron. Short stocks are a hedge for me.

    And BTW, smoked? Hardly. I still made just shy of 10k on the session despite messing up a great cover opp in Bonds.