Feds Manipulating the Markets ??? Look inside.

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Is the Fed manipulating the markets?

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  1. No

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  2. Yes

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  3. Damn strait and ingenious

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  4. It is other financial powers

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  5. It is the illuminati

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  6. Baaaaa ... tell me what to think

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  1. S2007S


    By printing trillions of worthless dollars and creating programs to slow down the housing problems I would have to lean towards a definite yes. It's all about propping up the system, they actually got many fools to believe that spending trillions to create the false illusion of growth that the economy has turned around and that everything is just fine and dandy.

    Thanks to bubble Ben bernanke we can celebrate infinite years of economic growth and great wealth.

    Thanks bubble Ben.
  2. It is my understanding that it's an unforgivable sin to make such cynical assumptions, with only one inevitable consequence; eternal hell!
  3. ammo


    the banks admitted a few months back that they were buying equities with the tarp money, the article was probably on zero hedge,the fed/treasury trades all the time issuing and buying back bonds,buying and selling currency, ,capitalize on it
  4. I don't think the fed bank is buying equity outright. They are smart in the fact that they make a loan to a GS or other bank and they inturn take the risk trade. If the bet goes bad the bank will have to still pay the loan back to the fed. In a round about way it is still a proped up scam. It is just an onion of scams with many layers.

    it would be great if the banks with the loans would have to default on them!
  5. "doing so would likely violate the Federal Reserve's investment policies, and could violate federal law if not disclosed properly."

    I think we crossed a few lines in between LEH and the rescue of AIG. While I think there was always a need for the PPT as a line of last defence, the PPT is the only game in town currently.

    So to corrupt a quote from Donald Trump "Today is a good day to buy and sell stocks."