Fed's Lockhart Says Slowdown to Reduce U.S. Inflation

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  1. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=asU8QVNvkgSM&refer=home

    I don't find that logical. Economic slowdown does not necessarily mean that the rate of inflation will decrease, it's not like there is an inverse correlation between the two, though they are directly related, they are not the only factors affecting eachother, so it is possible that even when there is an economic slowdown the inflation rate might increase, when that happens we say we are in a stagflation period


    I personally believe the inflation problem is not going to be solved, either they don't want to solve it or they can't, whatever it is I suggest you just get used to it

    in most countries around the world employees get paid only enough to stay alive, like in the past they had slaves and the master would feed them and had to provide them with shelter (whatever the quality), now most people get the pay so they go buy the food and rent a place. Instead of the master directly feeding the slave they are routing it through the financial system

    the whole idea could be implemented globally, because humans are willing to struggle and do any work so long as they can get enough to survive

    for most people quality hardly means anything, they just want quantity, like they want to live many years without thinking about the possible quality of the life they will be going through, so they deserve what they get
  2. oh and one suggestion;
    I really don't care who wins the election, because I think it will hardly change anything, but for those of you who plan on voting for Obama because you think he can improve the current economic state, I suggest you rethink it, because there is a high possibility that if he does try to control the economy and implement his own policies, those policies will backfire and make things even worse, specially inflation
  3. I think whatever demand we reduce will be more than made up for by increased demand from China, India, and Brazil will all those dollars we've been printing.

    Funny how nobody thinks that prinitng dollars and giving credit isn't what's at the root cause of inflation
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