Feds investigating Trump resort for issuing fake green cards to illegals

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    Build the wall they said...


    State and FBI investigators are reportedly probing allegations that Trump's golf club gave fake green cards to undocumented workers

    • The FBI and New Jersey prosecutors are reportedly investigating whether management at President Donald Trump's New Jersey golf club provided unauthorized immigrants with fake green cards.
    • An attorney representing two women who said they worked illegally at Trump's club has shared evidence with prosecutors and federal agents, according to the New York Daily News.
    • The women's allegations were first reported by The New York Timesearlier this month. They said managers were aware of their immigration status and willing to produce fake documents.
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    No matter what people try to do, we will not get rid of the guy with these tactics. Impeachment is not going to happen. Only the vote in 2020 will make it happen.
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    It sounds like you are a left-wing never Trumper, but at least you understand how the system was designed to work. The rest of these crazies think they can enlist the help of Stormy Daniels and that will make it everything better. The democrats need to come out with a message to combat Trump is they want to get anywhere and it better be better than Hillary.
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    You will never in a million years be able to peg my political stance, because I simply don't have a firm one, and if I did, would never say what it is, because it isn't. (Chew on that for a while, hehe). Both Trump AND Hillary were shitty candidates in 2016. Trump sux because he sux and always has, and Hillary was a wailing banshee with no clear direction.

    The democrats don't need to do ANYTHING at this point. They should keep their mouth shut and let the chips fall where they may, because the GOP is digging their own hole.

    Unfortunately, now we have that Pelosi becoming SOTH, which will not help ANYTHING. If anything, I think it will just cause deadlocks and posturing to increase. They are all bloody useless.
  5. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    These tactics will help get him out in 2020.These tactics helped win The House for the dems by the most votes ever.
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    I disagree. His simple actions in the normal course of each day caused people to switch to House dems. It wasn't anything the dems said or did to get people to feel repulsed by Trump, it was the man himself. They now want nothing to do with him.
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    reporting of the facts is what caused the repulsion. Sure his behavior didn't help, but I'd argue much of his behavior was triggered by the reporting because he's a thin skinned snowflake.
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    Taking it out on the help I see

    Several undocumented workers fired from Trump golf course: report

    About a dozen employees were reportedly abruptly fired last week from Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, New York, because they were found to be in the country illegally.

    The firings, which were reported Saturday by The Washington Post, follow revelations last year that undocumented immigrants were hired and subsequently fired at a Trump property in New Jersey.
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    Donnie doesn't abide by e-verify? Whaaa?

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