FED’s Interest Rate Cut: EUR/USD and Bitcoin Price Analysis

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  1. MrKJoe


    EUR/USD rises sharply after Fed’s interest rate cuts following November meeting
    The currency skyrocketed after the Federal Reserve decided to cut rates by 25 basis points (currently at 1.75%). Now it’s trading around the 1.1150 level. Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, was dovish, giving hints that monetary policy wouldn’t generate any major changes in its December meeting. Consequently, the greenback fell sharply amid a highly volatile environment across the board, where it posted a new weekly high, according to the US Dollar Index (DXY).

    Still favouring an upside continuation for the short and mid-term. Wednesday’s move consolidated EUR/USD above a bullish trend line drawn since the lows of October. The focus shifts to the resistance area of 1.1177, where a breakout should happen to extend the impulsive move towards the 1.1230 zone.

  2. maxinger


    Most likely the writer is not a professional trader but a professional writer.

    Eurusd is one of the worst financial instruments to trade; it moved very little and slowly.
    Infact, snail can move faster than eurusd, and green bean can grow faster than eurusd movement.
    BTC future is one of the worst instruments to trade due to its relatively small day range and volume.

    Things that are impacted by fed interest rate are the bonds, gold, index futures.
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    The reason its the beat pair to trade isn't because of it's volatilty but because it's that one pair that more noob retail traders flock to. The transient zones are very predictable because retail fear pushes the market.

    I remember when EURUSD was trading flat for about 3 months and those are the 3 months that i avoid this pair anyhow.