FEDs going to tap into Pensions Starting Monday

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  1. Treasury is taking the bold move of borrowing against Fed and State Pensions to keep paying it's bills.

    And people say that the US GOV will not do the same with 401Ks?

    Get ready all you desk jockeys! You have been working hard all your lives and doing the right thing. You have 4% or more of your pretaxed dollars going into the 401K of your choice as you were told is best for you.

    Now, after the 401K crowd has suffered a serious loss if not more than 40% or more...Your Uncle Obama is looking to move into your 401k and borrow against it. The test case is State and Fed Pensions. If people do not freak out over that, 410ks are next as is SSN!

    But you say that would never happen? You say that there isn't any news report of such talks?

    LOL....you'll wake up one day Amerika.

    Who is John Galt?
  2. Is there a link?
  3. What the hell are you laughing about? Did you expatriate yet?

    Oh no, I forgot, you live under this delusion that Texas is somehow not in the US and that they will "secede" from the rest of the country.
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    They do have internet access in psychiatric hospitals, right?
  5. elon


    That's fucking scary. Worthy of expatriation?
  6. Larson

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    " yo' uncle obama"...... LMAO.
  7. Do some research you lazy fucking clowns.

    Texas is already moving to tell the FED to fuck off with the thought of touching any State Pensions there fools.

    Soon to pass the Anti TSA bill as well.

    Do you guys work for a living? Do you do anything that requires thought? Do you not research what people post or are most of you little fucking parasites who need your hands held?

    The news came across my News Wire service this am. It is in all kinds of Financial News Reporting right now.

    Ohh by the way Texas is still the strongest economy in the States and will be for decades to come, pro-business, pro capitalism unlike the Parasite states you guys live in.
  8. http://www.cnbc.com/id/43046240

    For all you idiots, here is a link...probably one of your fav. financial news sources, they are just like most of you Parasites on this ET form. Even these idiots are Reporting the news.
  9. Elon, I wouldn't expat yet.

    I would look at Pro-capitalistic states however.

    I just closed a major translation in moving a major employeer out of IL to Texas. They are fleeing the Parasites in that State.

    Not only are they relocating their Manufacturing firm, they are also relocating their Shipping center because we have WATER WAYS.

    This was a joint venture between Private Equity and the Public Traded Company.

    So, take heed from what your reading about in states like NY, IL, MA.

    There are still some states left that are free, love capitalism and are not afraid of the FED PARASITES.
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    Time to start reducing the size of DC. I can't wait. The real economy will continue to work.
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