FEDs Fisher Says Rate Rise May Be Needed to Slow Inflation

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Joma, Dec 19, 2006.

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  3. The market loves rate increases, just look at it go!
  4. this kind of jawboning becomes so predictable after a while. that was almost a no brainer today

  5. Maybe the dollar is next.
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    Big player, myminitrading ? 500 / 1000 lots ? Marketmover ?
  7. quite possibly yeah, i guess thats in paulson's court. i swear to god after looking at the nasty overseas gaps with commodities creeping up this morning i thought ok, either an outage today - talking rates higher, or both
  8. when junk credits start to float to the surface, I wonder what the jargon will turn to .....
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    Please see my ET post on 12/18 in "trading-House of Cards Ready to Fall"

    As i stated there, the rhetoric is likely to blame inflation (and there will be inflation) but the real reason the Fed will likely raise rates (as few times as they can, but at least once)during the "soft landing of 2007" is other than inflation.
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