Fed's Bullard favors buying $100 billion in assets after November FOMC meeting. Says

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  1. Says Fed is 'not here to ratify what the markets think.'


    From $1000 billion to $500 billion down to $100 billion.

  2. Sees 'weak data, weak job growth.' Says disinflation trend has 'flattened out.'
  3. Fed's Plosser doesn't see deflation as 'significant risk' and sees prospects for 2% inflation next year.

    Deflation and 2 % inflation in one and the same sentence. Is this imbecile, or ?
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    Right, who believes that line.

    The market wants $500 Billion and the fed will deliver $500 Billion. $100 billion is probably only good for another 6 months of propping up the economy.
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    It must be difficult and confusing to direct the monetary policy of a bankrupt nation. Instead of talking about rates and withdrawing liquidity, they have been reduced to a single mandate, namely "how much" stimulus to inject.
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    heh, well that sure will be interesting, given that the market still has 1.5trillion priced in.
  7. Market cap :

    "Dream team" market cap: AAPL $282bn + MSFT $218bn + IBM $173bn + GOOG $151bn +JPM $148bn + WFC $137bn + C 119bn + BAC $115bn + INTC $115 bn + GS $81bn


    $1531 bn

    SPY market cap = $81 bn

    Ratio "Dream team market cap" / SPY market cap = 19 !!!!