Feds Arrest Dozens, Including Actresses and Ex-Pimco CEO, In "Largest College Admissions Scam Ever

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    Bribes? Used to be called endowments.
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  3. I bribed my daughter's school to give her the best dorm lol.
  4. Bribes and cheating to get in, gee who would have thought.
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    This outright fraud, not limited to changing SAT scores, photoshopping photos of their kids into actual student athletes photos, probably, faking grades too among other things! They also, got to write off those expenses because of the fake charity they funneled the monies thru! I hope all these cheaters really get some jail time!
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    You should be ashamed of yourself. ;)
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    I do not know why they feel it's necessary to bride those colleges to admit their children. Their children are so rich that those college graduates are all going to work for them one day, directly or indirectly to make them even richer. Nowadays, higher education is for training better slaves for the rich and the powerful in exchange for a room & a meal basically. These kids are so rich that they already have a room & a meal so why do they still want to take those studying opportunities away from those "under-privileged" children who just dreamed of one day to become slaves to the rich? I mean if they want to study for fun to "broaden their horizon", great but they could study at any higher learning institutions, not necessarily the Ivy Leagues. Look at Paris Hilton, she didn't go to any college and she's perfectly fine.
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    Few things better than rich a-holes getting their comeuppance - as though wealth and fame isn't enough, they want their own special rules too.

    I doubt anyone involved gets more than a slap on the wrist, but miracles can happen...
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  9. It's a 20 million dorm, opened this year. Better than my house!
  10. College is where future leaders network. Slaves study. I tell my kids to study *and* have fun in case they end up poor or rich. Cover all the bases.
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