FedEx raises second-quarter EPS view to $1.10

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  1. FedEx late Monday said it raised its second-quarter earnings outlook to $1.10 a share from the previous estimate of 65 cents to 95 cents a share. FedEx earned $1.58 a share in the same period last year. "FedEx will exceed previous earnings guidance in the second quarter primarily due to better-than-expected growth in FedEx International Priority and FedEx Ground volumes, coupled with the benefits of our continuing cost control programs," said Alan Graf Jr., executive vice president and chief financial officer. Analysts surveyed by FactSet Research are forecasting second-quarter earnings of 85 cents a share. FedEx is scheduled to release quarterly results on Dec. 17.
  2. Absorbing some of DHL's volume and cost cutting is a one time event and not sustainable yoy. Good for them, can't believe this is a shocker though.

  3. more than enough to ramp the market tomorrow.
  4. earnings still down 30% yoy and the ests are low balled as hell. much of this is cost cutting as they laid off huge and cut there pension. also if mkt is ever going to be able to selloff it has to be able to sell on beating low ball ests. the mkt has to be able to say no more bs anymore. show me 30-50% year over year growth or you're stock up 200% is going down big
  5. Up on strong volumes. FDX will go higher to $96 (next resistance on weekly) if market is stronger..

    DIA formed a hammer today. Hope market
    will begin to bounce back up tomorrow.

    Christmas is coming and we need a green market.

    Some stocks look strong to me today : BIG CAGC TRIT
    CAGC is still cheap. Look at p/e

    The tiny stock NLST is very strong.

    AMZN formed a doji, down 4 days in a row.

    NTRI broke out...more potential to go higher here due to high short%
  6. That worked!