FedEx profit falls 18% on higher costs

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  1. Delivery: Barrels of oil on wheels. Pfftttt.....

    Our business is in the shitter but in other news:

    FedEx said it would buy MultiPack, a Mexican domestic express-delivery firm.


    double down. F'kn A brother.:D


    Whatever happened to: All this extra business down the tubes absorbed by the leaders.

    DHL has lost nearly $10 billion in the U.S. in the five years since it purchased Airborne Express in an attempt to challenge FedEx (FDX) and United Parcel Service (UPS).
  2. The "bar" was set too "high". :eek: :(
  3. there daily fuel cost was like doubled

    fuel cost is more than labor cost for delivery of .

    high oil prices good for oil specualtors and oil companeis but it bad for consumers an fedex and delivery guys don't make profit they don't hire employees.

    that is what you get unintended consequence of QE

  4. It fell 18% on CHARGES not increased costs. Christ...permashort much?