Federal Trade Commission Cracks Down on Warrior Trading For Misleading Consumers With False Investme

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  1. None of those claims and details in that link strike me as illegal or immoral or unethical, or exaggerated.

    Just because those buyers didn't experience a guaranteed profit or lots of money....that doesn't mean it's all bogus.
    You can't guarantee success to students, that's an impossibility.

    I can teach people how to get in shape and eat right and take the right supplements....but I can't guarantee they'll actually look good and be healthy. That drive and ambition rests on them, not me.
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    Old news.
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    “Start trading over my shoulder side-by-side with me because I guarantee you that next week, the week after, the week after that, I’ll be trading the one or two stocks each day that move up 20 to 30 percent.”

    Forget the illegal, immoral, and unethical angles. Do really believe a claim like that is even possible?
  4. Yes, a claim of....20 to 30 percent a day is ....possible.

    Someone can achieve that with weekly options or penny stocks, and precise timing of course.
    It's not necessarily easy and instant and guaranteed for everybody, but still possible nonetheless.
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    The claim is that he will trade stocks that move 20-30%, not that he will be making those returns. Perhaps SEC made the same mistake?
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    I think the words can be parsed in a variety of ways, but the intention is clear: If a user subscribes he will be alerted to trading opportunities that will give him the chance to make a 20 - 30% gain. I mean that's definitely the way the average consumer would read it in my opinion.
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  7. People chose to pay for Ross' advice and watch him trade. What's the big deal? He does state on every one of his videos, "my results are not typical. Most beginner traders lose money." If that isn't clear enough then what are they looking for?
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  8. %%
    but your good illustration may NOT apply to WAR Trading.
    DID they disclose making of tens of millions on selling systems + disclose 5%+/ or 00.5% made money daytrading??
    SO no, i dont blame the ''teachers'' for students; but i sure would blame + fine them for not disclosing those stats.
    Even the lotto sellers disclose the even worse odds \ in ads\ in fine print.
    So since they made ''10s of million$,'' do you thing the fine should have been bigger??[I have no opinion on that question/LOL]:D:D
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    I have followed his youtube small account challenge and witnessed how he turned $500 to a million in like 6 months. 20-30% might be an understatement.

    However, that was close to the GME frenzy days when the market was extremely bullish on a lot of penny stocks.
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