Federal Reserve won't get my trading Money, some church will

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bad feeling, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. If it is true that income tax ALL GOES TO the fed, every cent of income tax paying down debt for money they loaned the US government

    and that United States of America lives of other taxes on everyday buying and selling.

    if this is true

    its time to find a charity organization and give them money instead

    does anyone out there already do this
  2. I guess 95% of guys here don't have that worry. Sorry to even mention this subject :(
  3. bidask


    lol have you considered that the church is just as bad as the government?
  4. I donate a good money to the church.

    Not all churches are bad, just stay away from Catholic churches.
  5. And apostolic churches and COGIC and CME, AME, Southern Baptist, Missionary Baptist, Episcopalian, and so on...

    All churches aren't bad, but every denomination has bad churches in it....

    I love to see a broke church, windows falling out, carpet worn and the Pastor is driving a Rolls... What a crook.