Federal Reserve system is now a Condo Pawn Shop

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  1. Essentially, bring us the crap you cant dump and we'll lend against it....

    For immediate release

    To promote the restoration of orderly conditions in financial markets, the Federal Reserve Board approved temporary changes to its primary credit discount window facility. The Board approved a 50 basis point reduction in the primary credit rate to 5-3/4 percent, to narrow the spread between the primary credit rate and the Federal Open Market Committee's target federal funds rate to 50 basis points.

    The Board is also announcing a change to the Reserve Banks' usual practices to allow the provision of term financing for as long as 30 days, renewable by the borrower. These changes will remain in place until the Federal Reserve determines that market liquidity has improved materially. These changes are designed to provide depositories with greater assurance about the cost and availability of funding. The Federal Reserve will continue to accept ******a broad range of collateral for discount window loans, including home mortgages and related assets********. Existing collateral margins will be maintained. In taking this action, the Board approved the requests submitted by the Boards of Directors of the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and San Francisco.
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    I wonderhow many more billions they're going to pump into the "open" markets if today closes down.

  3. I'm trying to finance a purchase of a small tract of land and my credit score is over 800

    the bank wants 20% down with a finance rate of 9 1/2%

    I told them to stick it up their mud pipe