Federal Reserve Out Of Cash?

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  1. It appears they are stretched, and unable to provide the necessary support to the markets.
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    There was no need to support any kind of bailouts for these top banks and brokers.
  3. Right because they can't.
  4. rate cut tomorrow likely, combined with temporary ( because of a California law recently passed) foreclosure bottom (in California only but California represents 45% of dollar value of all foreclosures) may rally the market for a few weeks pre election I HOPE
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    Fed reserve out of cash?

    that's hysterical

    they never had any *real* money

    and people are figuring that out
  6. Genius, if the feds out of cash then YOU are out of cash.

    And most of you have no useful skills.

    Get ready for the bread line, IF you're lucky.
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    someone's panties in a bunch?
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    What law are you referring to?
  9. Parker Brothers is never out of monopoly money.
  10. There's enough money on the walls in the FRB building to bail out this planet and a few more solar systems. While they do maintain a "balance sheet" don't worry about our Fed not being capitalized as much as they deem necessary.

    The US taxpayers are sick and tired of seeing federal funds bailing out investors and CEO's who ran once good companies into the ground with failed "creative" financial instruments, trades, etc. Politically they have to let a big one die; hence LEH is no more. It was the right thing to do. Had they bailed out LEH there would have been riots or war in DC by angry taxpayers. LEH got theirself into the mess and now they get to lay in it.
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