"Federal Reserve needs to cut USD in half over 14 years"

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by cgtrader, Sep 28, 2009.

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  2. A more rational explanation of what is actually going on. I am shocked CNBC has this man on.

    "How are we going to conduct wars and catastrophic events in a world of SDRs says it all"
  3. Only a LIAR AND THIEF would advocate cutting our currency by 50%. :mad:

    And of course our currency WILL be halved.. then halved again in our lifetimes..

    After all, the Fed and our Government are the Kings Kong of liars and thieves..
  4. The opposite exactly must happen. USD must double to secure worldwide growth. A weak dollar will accelerate worldwide recession into a deflationary spiral.
  5. Of course it will be halved. Its been halved a couple times already in our lifetime. The rule of 72 says that if we have 4% inflation, our currency will be worth half of what it is today in 18 years. But inflation sometimes runs faster. In 1975-1985 our currency was halved in that 10 year period.

    I think our currency will be halved in the next few years. 20% inflation would mean our currency halved in 3.6 years.
  6. Currency values are exchange rates between pairs. The same more or less inflation is over in Europe or Asia. You should know these basics.
  7. Something else that sounds obvious. That guy is deep into gold. Pretty soon he will be in trouble.
  8. loza

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    Not all currencies will suffer the same, eventually some will be more stable. I would and will bet the Swiss or Canadian against the greenback on the long term basis. Only idiots, "learning" from forex brokers trade the EURO/USD pair or the Yen (which is equally sick)...


  9. Thats an ignorant statement.
  10. dewton


    actually what needs to be cut in half is not the dollar, but the level of total debt, which is approximately $78 trillion currently.

    if the circulation of dollars is cut, then there are less dollars that can be used to service the massive debt. this would cause widespread defaults, which is a good thing in the longer term because it would reduce our debt levels.
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