Federal Reserve Is A Private Corporation

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    By law (check the Congressional record), we can buy back the FED for the original investment of the FED's 300 shareholders, which is $450 million (Reference 1, P. 227, Reference 17, P. 36). If each taxpayer paid $25, we could buy back the FED and all the profit would flow into the U.S. Treasury. In other words, by Congress allowing the constitutionally illegal FED to continue, much of your taxes go to the shareholders of the FED and their bankers. Note: The people who enacted the FED started the IRS, within months of the FED's inception. The FED buys U.S. debt with money they printed from nothing, then charges the U.S. taxpayers interest. The government had to create income tax to pay the interest expense to the FED's shareholders, but the income tax was never legally passed (Reference 20 shows details, state-by-state why it was not legally passed). The FED is illegal, per Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. Not one state legally ratified the 16th Amendment making income tax legal.
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    How many time has it been stated that there are clear procedures whose implementations are audited both by government and private organs that interest paid to the federal reserve by the government are rebated to the government. Seriously - what's your problem. Your willful ignorance doesn't prove conspiracy.
  3. Prove it pal.
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    The above link contains the GOP and private accounting firm audited 2006 annual report. On page 293-5 contains an annual acccount of interest rebated to the US Treasury.

    Now, obviously, you can claim that this report is fake. Well, given that all the supporting evidence you have are misreading of facts, statements taking out of context, well debunked myths, and youtube videos.... well, you lose.
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